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Is Your Team “Future Ready?”

Maudie Schmeler
Aug 18, 2020
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What does it mean to be “Future Ready?”

Prior to the Covid-10 pandemic, more than 70% of professionals around the world were working from home at least one day a week. Now, that number is closer to 90%. After some adjustment, most of those professionals will want to continue having remote work as an option even after their offices re-open.

In the past, most of the transition to remote work has been aspirational and tied to growth outcomes including having access to global talent, lowering operating costs and increasing morale, retention and productivity.

We are in a different world today. Most of this sudden and highly disruptive transition has been driven by necessity for safety rather than growth. The future is likely to be even more difficult or even devastating to countless more people and businesses.

We all need to think about how to prepare for the months and years to come. And the best way to prepare for new challenges is through relevant training.

A pre-pandemic survey by Gallup shows that people of every age group (59 percent of millennials, 44 percent of gen Xers and 41 percent of baby boomers) believe training and opportunities to grow are extremely important in a job. The importance of training is likely to become even more important as people and organizations seek ways to adapt to the “new normal.”

The best training programs include assessments of not only “needs” but of interests and aspirations that link to relevant content and consistent reinforcement. The best Learning Management Systems offer easy access to these complete programs (not just courses).

In the world of the Anywhere Workforce, “soft skills” like empathy, listening, and communication become increasingly essential. According to a survey by LinkedIn found, 57 percent of senior leaders now believe these skills are even more important than traditional “hard skills.”

When people believe that they can master even difficult skills, have time to learn, and have support of their teams to grow, they become more than skilled, they become ready for anything.

YesLMS can help your team become “Future Ready”

YesLMS was created to help your organization deliver programs that help your teams become future-ready.

We built YesLMS to serve organizations who want a REAL Learning Management System to help their teams develop the skills and confidence to navigate an uncertain future.

Your YesLMS platform is fully cloud-based, flexible, easy to use and created to deliver equal educational opportunities to every learner and help you bridge the gap between face-to-face and remote learning.

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