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Two people face each other, using ASL signs to communicate.
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High-quality VR Training for Your Organization

Access dynamic and engaging learning programmes that provide the space to learn, practice and master the VR skills needed in today's world. We work with the tight budgets of organizations by offering access to online continuing education at a price they can afford. Let us help cut through the red tape and get you the immediate learning your team requires.

Bulk Pricing for Non-Profits and Organizations

Large costs savings are possible for your organization if you purchase course registrations in bulk. In addition to costs savings, this offers flexibility for your staff — they can take any course they choose, as long as the total number of course registrations for your organization does not exceed the amount you purchased. A single course registration is consumed each time a staff member registers for any course.

For example, you might have 200 employees and each employee registers for the Caseload Management course. This will count as 200 registrations. Another example is that you have 50 employees and each of them registers for 4 courses of their own choosing. This too will count as 200 registrations.

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# of Course Registrations
Per Access Cost
$40.50 (down from average of $44.99)
200 - 300
400 - 600
700 - 900
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Vocational Rehabilitation Courses Like No Other

CRC and Certificate of Completion

After successfully completing the course and any required quizzes, each participant will receive a CRC Certificate or a certificate of completion.

Multi-level Training

We offer courses for all levels, from new recruits looking for an introduction to VR to seasoned employees looking to upskill in specific areas.

Keep Your Team Accountable and Motivated

Track your staff’s progress and completion through your admin dashboard or export reports. With each course, your staff can climb to the top of your organization’s standings.